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Corporate Social Responsibility

We recognise the impact we have on the world and the responsibilities that come with being a leading healthcare services organisation.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is key to the way we operate. We are committed to upholding the highest professional and ethical standards and we encourage and support all our companies to have a positive impact in everything they do, whether it's in the workplace or local community.


We are committed to limiting the impact our businesses has on the environment. We ensure all statutory requirements are in place, that the highest standards are adhered to and good environmental practice is applied in managing our businesses. As an example, our operations in Ross on Wye operate to the ISO14001 environmental standard and as standard - our Basingstoke Head Quarters recycles all waste paper with the support of our Shred-It partner.


We recently set up the Employee Assistance Programmes, which aims to ensure the well-being of our employees and their families. We also conduct surveys and act on them to establish initiatives to support the well-being of our employees (Dennison Culture Survey). Looking at aspects such as MISSION (do we know where we are going?), ADAPTABILITY (are we listening to changing market needs?), INVOLVEMENT (are our people aligned, engaged and capable?) and CONSISTENCY (do we have the values, systems and processes in place to execute effectively?).


Our success is based on being able to attract, develop and retain talent at every level in the organisation. That's why Aquilant has a proven track record of developing careers and helping employees fulfil their potential.

We believe in giving people significant responsibility at an early stage in their careers. This provides an exciting environment for ambitious professionals and is a central aspect of attracting talented individuals. Our approach is focused on developing and enhancing the leadership and management capability of the entire organisation.


We believe that a responsible approach to developing relationships between companies and the communities they serve is a vital part of delivering business success. Therefore, we support local community and charity initiatives both financially and by supporting participation of employees in the sharing of their time and skills in such projects.

Fund-raising activity: Staff were given the opportunity to vote a worthy cause of their choice, Children's Welfare won with almost 80% of votes. The charities we help to support include:
•Barnardos in the Republic of Ireland and the UK
•United Way in the United States
•Various children's hospitals/hospices in Europe

During 2012 we contributed towards the UDG Healthcare plc initiatives with over €85,000 collected for these charities. All monies were raised by our staff and events included walking part of the Camino de Santiago in France/Spain, golf classics, bake sales, raffles, auctions, car boot sales and car washes!

In 2013 one of our main focuses was our Walk the World Day in June. We attempted to cover 24,000 miles which is the earth's circumference. Staff throughout the UDG Healthcare group got involved and together we raised over €30,000.




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